What's the difference between mixing and mastering?


Mixing is adjusting the individual tracks or instruments in a song and making an over all balance. Mastering deals with the stereo output of a mix - so you cannot make the vocals louder and the guitar quieter at the mastering stage - that is all done during mixing. Mastering comes after mixing and is the last stage before releasing a song. If you are releasing a collection of songs then mastering can ensure that the volume of each track is the same relative to each other and the mood/sonic feel of the songs all make sense as a collection.


What are stems?

Stems are the the individual instrument files from the recording session. Bouncing them down as stems makes sure each file is the same length and can be easily put into a new project session for mixing. You can export them  easily yourself or ask your recording engineer to to give them to you in a folder. It doesn't matter if you recorded in a different program from us - as long as you send them as wav. files we'll be able to use them.


If you're not sure how to do it then here are some links of how to do it in different recording software.


Logic Pro X


Pro Tools



How do I send you files?

It's easiest to send us files through we trasnfer .com

If you're sending stems for a mixing session it's best to upload all the tracks to one email and send them together. If you have multiple songs then do one set of stems per email. Please try and label your instrument stems clearly so we know what we're dealing with.

If you're doing mastering and have multiple songs you can send them in one email. Again, please label each track clearly so we know what's what.

If possible please send your files as wav. files - it's better than mp3 for overall quality.


What do you charge/why don't you have prices on your website?

Every project is going to be different. It wouldn't make sense for us to charge a set price for mixing when one song might only have vocals and guitar and another might have up to twenty instruments in it. You might want one song mixing or you might want a whole album doing. The average price per song on an album will become a bit cheaper as we can work on them in a batch and the settings will be somewhat similar on each song. If we're doing production for you then you might want a specialist instrument that requires us to get a session player involved. Also, some people will want a rough and more live sound whereas others will want a very polished and smooth finished product. These require different amounts of processing and attention to detail and so will result in different prices.


We quote per project and give you a fair price for the work needed and we always make sure the price is agreed before we start so there is no confusion later. The best thing is to talk to us and send us links to the kind of Artists you want sound like. There's no obligation to buy once we've given a quote and if we don't think we can deliver what you want then we'll try and help you find a studio that can.


How does payment work?

You can either pay through Paypal or bank transfer. (We'll give you the details in an email when it's time.)

Once we have agreed a price we take the payment upfront for the work to be done. This allows us to block out time to do the project and focus entirely on the Music. We usually have your songs back to you within a week of starting work. If you are genuinely unhappy with the end result we'll refund you the money.


Do you charge extra for revisions and re-edits?

No. That's all factored into the price and we know it may take a few tweaks and adjustments to get it right.


Will you listen to my feedback and criticism?

Yes. We want you to guide us through the process and we will absolutely listen to you. Our egos are not so fragile that they can't take some constructive criticism from time to time!


What if I don't like the results?

If you are genuinely unhappy with the end result we'll refund you the money. Obviously we'll be talking to you through out the process so if you do feel like it's not working then please let us know as soon as possible.


How do I get my Music on Spotify?

Everyone can get their Music on Spotify today. You usually go through an 'aggregator' company that will handle your digital distribution. There are lots of them around but here's a few popular ones EmuBands, CDBaby, DistroKid

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